In today’s world, learning a second language almost feels like a must. And we can all agree: learning a foreign language is always a good idea, whether you do it for personal reasons, for easier traveling or to upgrade your professional profile.

In fact, more and more people in the world are or multilingual, and having at least a couple of languages on your CV is now the norm.

So, I am listing a few of the resources which you can use to learn a new language. Which I am also using. …

A few days back, I was having some issues with my browser, it was hanging a lot I wasn’t able to attend my online classes and study and the RAM was draining a lot, in massive amounts. I told a friend about the problem and he said to try Edge once.

Honestly, I don’t like his idea as I was a constant user of Chrome and I had always used it. But he convinced me to give it a try once. So, I decided to give it a go and now seriously, I am loving the experience. I haven’t opened…

Now that we all are working from home or under self-quarantine, boredom is bound to take over. So, we are left with two options, either we spend our time at home watching movies, web series, or Netflix, or we can learn some skills which will be helpful in our future. Learning new skills increases your motivation, makes you more adaptable, relatable, interesting, and helps you get better jobs and earn money. Thus, if you want to learn some new skills here are a few which I suggest you learn.

Start Learning

First, you should make up your mind that you want to…


Yesterday I was cleaning the house with my family and I found the photo albums in the cupboard and went through the photos and remembered old-time, old friends, old stuff and most importantly remembered my lost childhood. So, I thought of writing a blog on the lost childhood memories.

Those were the days when we had no worries, no study, no pressure, and no tensions about our career, just enjoying everything. The time when someone just holds our fingers and made us walk. When there was always someone to take care of us. When we fell or got…

Pulkit Saini

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